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EFT Coaching for Personal Development, Self Improvement, and Creating Greatness

Michael A. Purcell

"I empower individuals to unleash their full potential by turbocharging their mindset, liberating them from the shackles of fear and trauma, shattering the barriers of limiting beliefs, and revealing the boundless reservoir of awesome-sauce within them. Together, we pave the path to abundant happiness, radiant health, and overflowing wealth"

Discover the power of Emotional Freedom Techniques, affectionately known as 'EFT' or 'Tapping'!  Backed by solid science and research, EFT is your ticket to an extraordinary life.  Say goodbye to limiting beliefs and pesky bad habits, and hello to a powerhouse mindset!  With EFT, you can conquer trauma and bid farewell to those sneaky unconscious beliefs that have been holding you back.  Unleash your inner superhero – because guess what?  You're even more powerful than you think!  Let's dive in and transform your life into the adventure you've always dreamed of!  

EFT can be utilized for just about anything...

Fears, Doubt, Procrastination, Stress, PTSD, Improving Immune Function, Imposter Syndrome, Unworthiness, Limiting Beliefs, Phobias, Bad Habits, Trauma, Weight Loss, Exercise, Health & Wellness, Mindset, Finances, Creativity, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Blood Pressure, Addictions (Porn, Smoking, Social Media, Substance Abuse, Sugar, etc.), Career Advancement, Schooling/Study, Memory Improvement, etc... EFT can be used for anything!  In fact, it will work even if you don't believe it will.  That's Powerful!


"I look forward to working with you!  Lets create greatness together!"

- Michael A. Purcell

Forest Road

About Michael A. Purcell

"Let's Create Greatness Together!"

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Breathwork, Nutrition, and Mindfulness practices have been the backbone of my own daily rituals for many years.  I've literally changed my life from the inside out.  These simple yet powerful practices have allowed me to create more happiness, health, abundance and confidence.  I've aligned myself with more of that which I desire and have experienced truly magnificent manifestations along the way!  We truly are manifestation machines creating reality as we go!


All areas of my life have evolved.  My marriage has benefited greatly, the compulsive/reactive side of me has dissipated, trauma released, my physical body healed, and I've opened myself up to greater opportunities in life.  I've experienced an awakening and a greater awareness of life which was eye-opening and spooky to say the least!  In addition, my income has skyrocketed, confidence strengthened, knowledge expanded, and overall outlook on life improved.  My desire to experience and expand continue to grow. 


BreathTap Coaching is a culmination of my desires, dreams and personal successes.  If I can do it...anyone can do it.  My goal is to empower others to empower themselves.  Everyone, absolutely everyone, is far more powerful than they could ever realize.  Lets break down the old mental conditioning that keeps you stuck, eliminate old trauma that continues to ruminate in your mind, and expand your self image to one of greatness so you to can create the life of your dreams!

Allow me to share a bit more about myself - I'm not just an EFT coach; I'm a husband, a proud father of twins, and an impassioned outdoorsman. My heart finds solace in the embrace of nature, whether I'm barefoot and grounded on the earth or immersed in the exhilaration of a wild hunt. For me, being outdoors isn't just a hobby; it's a spiritual journey, a reminder of our primal connection to the earth. I cherish moments spent with loved ones, engrossed in meaningful conversations, or lost in the pages of a captivating book. Fueling my adventures is a keto/carnivore low carb nutritional lifestyle, harmonizing with my belief in sustainable living. I take pride in sourcing my own wild game through hunting and fishing, supporting regenerative and organic farms along the way. Join me in celebrating the beauty of nature and the richness of life as we journey together towards holistic well-being and transformation. If you are interested in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, etc.  Check out my outdoor YouTube channel: MichaelAnthonyOutdoors  

I also believe in the power of laughter and being light hearted.  I've been known to be quite goofy and  love a good laugh.  Humor can really stoke the spirit in powerful ways!  Andrew Huberman said it best..."really incredible feats of accomplishment or creativity come from having a lightness and a humor".



EFT Level 2 Certification - Center for EFT Studies, AEFTP

HeartMath Certified Practitioner - Clinical certification for emotional self-regulation, anxiety and stress

Neuroscience of Change 2020 Attendee

Wim Hof Method - Breathwork and Cold Exposure Advocate

Meditation/Visualization Practitioner

Revero Certified Nutritional Coach (MeatRx)

NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Michael is a talented and intuitive EFT practitioner.  During my session with him I felt confident in his skill and safe to share and explore my emotions.  His calm nature and easy, open demeanor kept me feeling grounded and secure.  I can not recommend a session with him more!  You won't regret the experience!

Danielle C. - Toronto

Michael is highly skilled using the Emotional Freedom Technique. While working with him, I have had many limiting beliefs cleared. His use of breathing techniques along with EFT (tapping) makes healing yourself possible and easier than you think it would be. He always knows exactly the right words to say during a session, is easy to talk to, and has definitely made it possible for me to move past issues that have been holding me back. I highly recommend working with Michael!

After my first tapping session with Michael, I was able to show up in my life from a place of strength and calm. Michael helped me identify areas of anxiety and to challenge those thoughts while tapping.  When you come to the world with anxiety, you feel scared and you make hasty decisions. That momentum can build on itself.  When you come to the world with strength, you feel confident and you make better decisions. That positive momentum can build on itself.

Shay J. - Atlanta

Leah M. - Pennsylvania

Pricing Packages

EFT Personal Development Packages

Ready to take the first step towards your transformational journey? Reach out for your complimentary 15-minute consultation. Lets dive into a quick chat where we'll unravel any questions you might have and offer deeper insights into the world of EFT and my approach. Let's connect and explore if this path aligns with your aspirations. Your transformation awaits, let's begin the conversation!  Click Here to Contact Me For a Complimentary 15 minute Consultation

EFT coaching sessions are conducted via a virtual live Zoom meeting.  In-person sessions can be pre-arranged if you are located locally to Pittsburgh or Eastern Ohio.


I understand that Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and any other tool/modality used in these sessions is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease - physical or mental. EFT and these tools are also not intended to replace or substitute regular medical or psychiatric care. If I am on any medications, I understand that it is NOT recommended to change or stop the prescribed dosage (even if I'm feeling better) and I should seek a medical doctor's advice and guidance for ANY question I have that is related to my medication.

1 Session (90 minutes)


Welcome to a one-on-one EFT session! Single sessions are ideal if you're experienced with EFT and seek guidance to address a specific issue directly in a 90-minute session. While a single session can be impactful, some issues are multi-faceted and may require multiple sessions to fully resolve. This option is also perfect if you're considering EFT but want to try it out before committing to a package.  My aim is to assist you in liberating yourself from limiting beliefs and conditions that hinder your progress. While this can sometimes be achieved in a single session, deeper issues may necessitate additional work. Each individual is unique, and the approach will be tailored to your specific needs.  Lets do this!

person in a field of light emerging from darkness.jpg

4 Session Package (90 minutes each)


Let's embark on an epic journey of transformation, where together, we'll reshape the very essence of who you are. With our dynamic (4) session package, you're not just evolving, you're unleashing the superhero within! Get ready to elevate yourself to a whole new level of greatness. Are you prepared to take the leap of faith with me? Let's dive in and sculpt the masterpiece that is YOU!

the path less traveled by.jpg

6 Session Package (90 minutes each)


Let's dive deep into the realms of transformation together, igniting profound shifts that will ripple through every fiber of your being. With our dynamic (6) session package, we're not just scratching the surface, we're sculpting a masterpiece of lasting change. This isn't just about improvement; it's about evolution. Consider this package the essential toolkit for your journey to lasting transformation. Are you ready to commit to your metamorphosis? Let's embark on this epic odyssey together!

image of a brain transforming to greatness from dark to light.jpg

10 Session Package (90 minutes each)


Behold the pinnacle of transformational glory! Our (10) session package is not just a journey; it's an odyssey into the very heart of greatness. With each session, we'll peel back the layers, revealing the true essence of your potential. This isn't just about change; it's about metamorphosis. Consider this package the ultimate arsenal in your quest for transformation and empowerment. Are you prepared to embark on this legendary journey with me? Let's unleash the full force of your greatness together!

emerging image of a lion from the darkness to light symbolizing courage and transformation

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