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  • Michael Purcell

Extraordinary Self-Belief Will Take You Further Than Anything...Mindset Rules to Live By!

Updated: May 27, 2023

Take note of these powerful rules and embed them into your daily routine. Shaping the mind through self-talk will establish your self-image. Once you establish a solid self-image you will have self-belief. The power of belief is nothing short of miraculous. Just look at the "placebo effect". The power of the mind will take you where you want to go...

  1. What you expect is realized - Expect the best, expect amazing things! The mind takes every thought and word you think and forms a blueprint to take you to it. LITERALLY. You must paint a beautiful picture, a powerful picture, so the mind is clear. Negative self-talk is destructive. The mind will realize your thoughts and you have no control on how that negativity will manifest, but you can control how you talk to yourself and the pictures you paint for your mind. You have a choice...every day you get to choose how to speak to yourself. Do not use words like..."wish, hope, try, maybe, should, can't".

  2. Imagination is more Powerful than Knowledge. Think about a long plank of wood laying on the floor. Anyone can walk across it. No problem. But put it between two skyscrapers and the mind is powerful enough to imagine crazy fearful things. Imagination will always beat logic. Always. In fact, the most dangerous part of a flight is the drive to the airport. That is a fact, but many people still fear flying regardless of that knowledge. The mind does not care if your thoughts are right or wrong, logical or not, healthy or unhealthy, it just lets it all in.

  3. Your mind does what it Thinks you Want it to do. For example, if you are complaining about your commute to work and making comments such as "this commute is killing me!" and you constantly reaffirm it to yourself. Your mind might say "ok well here is a lovely stomach ulcer for you so you can stay home and avoid the commute". Think about it. It makes absolute sense. Remember, the mind takes your self-talk/thought LITERALLY! Your mind is taking you literally and trying to help you be safe and protect you. You will get what you want if you tell your mind clearly what you want. Be careful with your self-talk and how you are saying or imagining things.

  4. Your mind tries to move you away from Pain and toward Pleasure. If you are dreading something and negatively self-talking about it then your mind will basically say "ok don't do something arbitrary", like arranging your sock drawer. BUT you can use different self-talk in a positive way to attach pleasure to that which you were dreading, and your mind will move towards that instead with energy and passion! Whatever you want, you must link massive passion to it! What you want, wants you. What you are moving toward is moving towards you!

  5. The mind loves what is familiar and doesn't like what is unfamiliar. You need to make praise familiar. Most people do the opposite. "My hair looks bad", "I'm an idiot", "I can't do that", etc. Again, your mind takes it literally. So, you need to ensure you praise yourself consistently and make it a familiar habit. If you did something bad but learned from it, then don't beat yourself up! You are allowed to make mistakes, but you are not allowed to beat yourself up.

  6. Whatever you focus on, you get more of. Focus on great things and you will get more of them. You must act in a way that is consistent with your thinking. This is the strongest force in every human being. You can't be saying things like "I know I'm going to mess up", "I know it's going to go wrong", "I know I'm going to fail", etc. You have no choice but to act in a way that is consistent with your thinking..."I know it's going to be great!", "I know it's going to work", "I can do this", "I can ace this", "this is easy", etc. Everything begins with a thought. Absolutely everything! Your thoughts are for you to choose.

Remember, your thoughts create the blueprint and whatever you present to your mind it presents back to you. Micromanage your thoughts, create positive thought habits and create the self-image of your dreams!

​​​​​​​-Michael Purcell

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