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The Power of Visualization - Next Level Living! Part 1

Updated: May 27, 2023

By Michael Purcell

February 15, 2022

Most of us have heard of visualization and maybe even dabbled in it a bit. However, what if I were to tell you that the art of visualization is one of the most powerful techniques to help you align with more of that which you desire in life? This may sound farfetched to some. Perhaps you have experienced powerful manifestations in life as a direct result of visualization techniques. Maybe you had that weird experience where you imagined something, and it happened. The practice of visualization is just a personal development catchphrase you’ve heard thrown around for years and never really gave second thought to it. Besides, how can imaging something you want lead to…something you want? How is that even possible? If you are interested in learning more about visualization and some of the science to support this practice then let’s dive in!

I’d say visualization is a first cousin to the law of attraction (LOA). The law of attraction is focusing and feeling into that which you desire which aligns you with more of that which you desire. Like attracts like. Visualization takes LOA a step further by generating visual imagery within your mind. That may sound all fine and dandy but how could that really be effective in the “real world?” That question makes me giggle. The reason being…who is to say what the “real world” really is? Here is some food for thought. We are limited by our sensory organs to interpret and make sense of what reality really is. Our sense organs are greatly limited. This means realities beyond comprehension do exist outside of our limited sensory organs. If you could see beyond your senses, what would you experience? Its mind boggling to comprehend. What if your sensory organs were suddenly enhanced by 25%? You would see, feel, and hear more than you could have ever imagined. Imagine seeing radio waves or heck maybe even other life forms that exist outside the limit of our vision. Sound far-fetched? Maybe only in your “limited” thinking. Another way to think about this is by comparing our sensory perceptions to that of other life forms. They are significantly different. An ant experiences reality completely different than a human. A human experiences reality completely different than an earthworm. Our perception is our reality. Our perceptions are limited to our sensory inputs. The brain is making its best guess as to what reality really is based on these inputs. Essentially everything is an illusion and the brain is doing the best it can to make sense of what is ”out there”. Pretty wild stuff! Ha ha ok ok. What the heck does this have to do with visualization? Why am I even mentioning all this mind twisting stuff? There is a point and part of it is to get you thinking a bit outside of your well-established thought patterns and beliefs. Let’s reach into the impossible and make it possible!

First, you need to have an open mind if you are going to entertain visualization. You should have an open mind to the possibilities that exist within you. You are far more powerful than you could ever imagine. Visualization is a great way to begin the journey of self-empowerment and living the life you desire. When you start to understand that reality is just an interpretation of the brain which essentially is the best interpretation available at that point in time. Then you start to “fire and wire” possibility in the neurocircuits of the brain. In my opinion, having an open mind to possibility gives way to far more creative circumstances that can potentially manifest in one’s life. I’m about to blow your mind - literally! Ready for it? The brain doesn’t know the difference between the images you hold in your mind (such as a visualization) and what you are actually experiencing in real life. Let that statement sink in a bit. It’s very powerful! If you don’t believe me then get with your local neuroscientist and they will confirm this for you. That is the loophole or should I say the God-given technique, that is available to every one of us to align with more of that which we desire and create the life of our dreams! So, think about it. If you can generate imagery that you can sense and feel (within the confines of that visualization) then the brain will believe it’s true. If you create a memory of something that has not happened yet via visualization, then your brain and body will take you to it (i.e. manifestations). That is next level living and everyone should be doing this!

Ok, great! So do I just sit down, close my eyes, and imagine the life of my dreams? Well sort of. It’s not hard to do but there are a few items to be aware of to get the most out of this technique. Also, there are countless visualization techniques available out there. I will explain my simple method while outlining the most vital aspects of making this work for you. Plus, I’ll share a powerful story on how visualization mystically worked for me back in early 2021 in a way that is nothing short of miraculous. This visualization-turned-manifestation solidified my practice thus reinforcing the neurological wiring in my brain.

Creating a Solid Visualization Practice

There are (5) variables to consider when it comes to implementing a successful visualization practice.

1. Self-Sabotage: The hardest part of visualization is getting yourself to sit down and do it daily. Most people fail because they give up to early before the real magic begins! In addition, some try too hard thus sabotaging themselves when they don’t see results. You need to get out of your own way and leverage the power of your mind. Put in the work and make it a habit!

2. Re-wire the Brain: Collapse limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. This is so important. If you’re going into visualization with a “lack” mentality or negative thought pattern (such as “this isn’t going to work”) then you will sabotage yourself every time! Tools such as EFT, meditation, journaling, affirmations, and presence are vital to prepare your mind for visualization. You can prepare for your visualizations so you are going into the practice in a positive state of being. Mental hygiene is paramount to a solid practice. Challenging negative beliefs can be an obstacle but the freedom you desire exists on the other side of those obstacles.

3. See, Feel, and Believe: Visualize what you want in as explicit detail as possible. Use your senses and emotions. The actual “imagery” itself is not as important as the feelings/emotions you invoke. Feeling and believing into the imagery is what brings the manifestations to you. You are essentially communicating with the universe at an energetic level beyond your senses and this is where the magic happens! Generate the feel-good emotions as if you are living in that visualization right now. The emotions are the conduit to the possible.

4. Inspired Action: Be open and take inspired action. “Taking action” is vital. Your intuition is incredibly powerful. When you are in an elevated state of being, creating amazing imagery in your mind that you can “feel, see, and believe”, then you will feel inspired to act. Take action in the direction of your dreams and desires. Don’t try to see the whole picture or think about it in depth. Don’t take score and do not think before you act. Act before you think! Take intuitive action daily and watch how the magic of the universe guides you in peculiar ways to amazing manifestations that completely align with your goals, dreams, and desires. Also, don’t worry about the “how”. This is a big mistake. You will never see the incredible, unbelievable, and unique ways the universe will take you to what you want. When you try to figure out the “how”, then you are limiting yourself.

5. Become a Visualization Master: Keep visualizing and planting seeds. As you experience amazing manifestations and become aligned with how powerful you truly are, then keep doing it. Greatness will become a habit! Next level living at its finest!

This is Part 1 of a 3 part series. In part 2, we will break down each variable into easy-to-understand details and practices so you too can implement this practice. In part 3, I will share with you a mystical visualization-turned-manifestation that will blow your mind. I know it blew my mind and reinforced how powerful my mind really is! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

-Michael Purcell

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